JUMO Classique

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Folding desk lamp
released by New JUMO Concept



JUMO classique / fold-out bakelite desk lamp

This unique desk lamp can of course stand anywhere, on a table, sideboard or desk and is a wonderful example of late “ streamline ” design.

Intriguing, eccentric and above all timeless

The JUMO classique was designed in 1944/45 by André Mounique / Gustave Miklos (art deco sculptor) and produced by the Société Nouvelle des Etablissements JUMO.
JUMO is a composition of the name of the founders Mr. Yves JUjeau, Pierre and André MOunique.

This eccentric lamp is fiercely elegant when unfolded and soberly compact when folded.
The patent description states that the device then takes up little space, can easily be stored in a drawer and can serve as a paperweight or only as an ornament.
A striking improvement compared to the original is the operation of the on / off switch. In the past, the lamp could only be switched on and off by opening or closing it. Now this can be done manually.

The metal arm is provided with three hinged “joints” as the patent describes. Because the original model could sometimes "sag", these have now been reinforced.

Contemporary and energy-efficient LED lighting provides sufficient light for reading, working or just for atmosphere.

The JUMO classique is available in black solid bakelite or painted ivory with a light texture. The black is completely smooth.

Dimensions / weight :
Diameter: 188 mm
Length: 277mm / 188mm
Height: 410mm / 136mm
Weight: 1.3 kg
E14 / 3.5W / 250 lumens / 2700 K.

Additional information

Weight1.3 kg
Dimensions27.7 × 18.8 × 41 cm

zwart, wit

3 reviews for JUMO Classique

  1. Gijs Buis

    Wel bedankt voor dit aardige commentaar Reindert!

  2. Reindert Groot

    Fantastisch ontwerp uit 1946 en nog steeds tijdloos actueel! Deze gemoderniseerde versie onderscheid zich visueel niet van het origineel. Wel zeer praktisch voorzien van energiezuinige led lamp.

  3. Gijs Buis

    Thank you as well Catherine!

  4. Catherine

    Awesome lamp, amazing quality, an eye catcher in my home, thanks BINK!

  5. Gijs Buis

    Dank je Jos, wij zijn sinds 2015 importeur voor Nederland en echt trots op deze unieke lamp 🙂

  6. JosB

    Wauw, mooi klassiek model !

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