HALA 122, Dutch manufacturer, 1940s


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HALA 122 with Bakelite shade

Salvaged from a studio in Köln, Germany
1940 – 1950
Marked (difficult to read)
Numbered: “40”
Manufacturer: Hala, Zeist, The Netherlands
This model was designed by H. Busquet for Hala in the 1940's


The first arm can rotate 360 ​​degrees on the base and move freely up and down. You fix it with a butterfly nut. The second arm can also rotate 360 ​​degrees and move freely up and down. Furthermore, the asymmetrical bakelite hood can also be adjusted by the ball joint. All-steel lamp with the exception of the shade, which is made of Bakelite.

Hala 122 bakeliet bauhaus lamp 3Hala 122 bakeliet bauhaus lamp 9Measurements:

Base: 7 x 7 cm
1st arm: 37 cm
2nd arm: 37 cm
Diameter shade: 16 cm
Height shade: 18 cm
Cord: 2.4 meters
Weight: 1.65 kg


Hala lamps, Zeist Netherlands since 1932

One of the first lighting manufacturers in the Netherlands.
Founded by designer Herman Theodoor Jan Anthoin Busquet.
Hala stood for the production of quality luminaires in the modern segment.

Hala regularly collaborated with well-known designers. Peter Kos, Herman Busquet and Tom Kater are no strangers in the design world. The Hala brand ceased production in 2013. Maretti Lighting in Almere kept several Hala models alive. We also had these in our range until the very last model was sold in 2015.
If it was up to us you would hear al lot more of this brand and her timeless designs. “licht” hoort u zeker nog geregeld van dit merk en haar tijdloze designs!

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