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The industrial trend in the lighting market is increasingly emerging. The search of many people for a suitable industrial lamp has begun. Factory lamps have their origins in the 18th century. The dark factories of that time had to be well lit. The factory lamps consisted of large, sturdy lamps, often made of steel with a high light output. Purely functional. The light bulbs that shone in these factory lamps were very valuable and had to be well protected. As a result, these lamps were protected by a large metal shade.


The current trend

The industrial style has been cautiously used in the United States in recent years and has slowly spread to our regions. It will only really become a trend in the autumn of 2016. The tough and rugged look that the industrial lamps radiate make the lamps so popular. A hanging factory lamp fits nicely above the dining table and the vintage lamps fit nicely into the living room. The robust character of the factory lamps with adapted design gives the interior a special feeling. More and more you will find in our houses a rich range of industrial lamps, factory lamps and also vintage lamps. It is expected that these influences will only increase further. But how do you keep up with this trend and give your home an industrial touch? The search for a special lamp that fits nicely into your interior is difficult. What is the best place for lighting now? Which luminaire will I use and which light source will I choose?


The right choice

Many people who want to bring the industrial style into their home think that they have to redesign their entire interior. However, that is not necessary at all. The factory lamps and vintage lamps can be combined very well with all other styles. This type of lighting usually complements another style nicely. For example, if your home is furnished in the country style, the industrial lighting really stands out. This proves once again that good design can be timeless.

Our mission is to find, purchase and restore industrial designs from the industrial heritage of the early 20th century. By using high-quality original materials, we enhance the vintage character of the fixtures. Also new known designs are among our possibilities while retaining their own character. We are importer and dealer of world-renowned industrial brands. Our rich experience can always help you make the right choice.

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By Gijs Buis

BINK lighting is a specialist in lighting solutions for retail, catering, offices, hotels, industrial areas and residential projects.